About Me

  • In 2009, I switched from PC to Mac
  • Organizing stuff calms me down
  • If I had to start over, I’d probably be a sex therapist
  • I’m the eldest of three children
  • I’m fond of the color green
  • I love calendars
  • I’m an INTJ
  • I use air quotes too often
  • One of my cats is named after Stephen Colbert; we want to be on his show!
  • I’m not a fan of small talk
  • I find it difficult to work in a cluttered space
  • I love trees
  • Sometimes, I simply need to disappear
  • I’m obsessed with Dyson vacuum cleaners and Swiss Army watches
  • I have a collection of cat whiskers
  • My birthday is the middle of November, which means I’m a Scorpio
  • I am single
  • I like inquisitive people. Bonus points if you’re inquisitive and left-handed
  • More than likely, I would kick your butt if we played Scrabble
  • I subscribe to way too many magazines
  • I have advanced degrees in Poetics and Library & Information Science
  • My student loan debt is insane
  • People who hide their motives get on my  nerves
  • Confidence is very sexy
  • Punctuation marks fascinate me
  • I’m far more interested in the people who aren’t talking than the ones who are

2 responses to “About Me

  1. Hey, we sound a lot alike! I just switched to Mac last year too. I’m an INTJ also. I’m not a fan of small talk either. (That’s the I talking.) And I can’t help myself from clawing the air making “quotes” too.

  2. Hi Scot! Wow, we do sound a lot alike. Thanks for posting a comment… you’re the first person to do so. BTW, did you know that INTJs are very rare; we make up, like, 1 % of the population. So it’s great we found each other. 🙂

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