Cupidtino – a new online dating site for Mac users

A friend brought the new online dating/matchmaking site, Cupidtino, to my attention. It sounded like a fun and semi-intresting concept: a web site where Mac users (sorry, PCs, you’re uninvited) can meet one another and talk, date, fall in love, or whatever.

I was curious, so I created an account.

From a user’s perspective, the site is straightforward and sophisticated. It allows Mac users to tell one another about themselves via creative means. When registering for an account, you are asked to provide the following:

  • Email address
  • Username
  • My basics
  • What I do for a living
  • When I became a Mac fan
  • Cool facts about me
  • You’re my type if..
  • My photos
  • My favorites (iPhone & iPad Apps)
  • My gadgets (coming soon; not available at present)
  • More details

After providing these details, you’re good to go.

I was really excited when I woke up the morning after I created my account and found a couple messages waiting for me. According to the stats, my profile had been viewed 18 times. I love that the site provides some basic metrics.

But here’s where I started to dislike Cupidtino. When you go to retrieve your messages, you’re confronted with this:

Cupidtino didn’t mention the fact that to retrieve messages, you have to pay a fee. I felt a little trapped and tricked.

While it’s a clever web site, I’m unwilling to pay $5 a month for this service until a few things are improved.

1. Search — Presently, search is too basic and rudimentary. I’m a huge fan of search, so being limited to age range, country, whether or not I’m looking for men or women (or both), and if they have a photo, is too constricting and non-helpful.

Here’s a use case Cupidtino needs to consider:

It’s late at night and I am about to fall asleep, but I notice someone’s profile who really intrigues me. But I have an important meeting at 7:30AM and I don’t have time at the moment to explore this person’s profile. The next day, I’m unable to get the person out of my head. When I get home, all I can remember is a funny thing he wrote in his profile. I go to search for this funny line, but I can’t execute a keyword/phrase search. Instead, I have to remember the age range of the person, what country they’re from, and then wade through a ton of results until I find Mr. Come-on-baby-light-my-fire.

These limited search mechanisms are cumbersome, annoying, and a huge step back. This is how I searched for people five years ago when I was really into online dating. Search has advanced. Cupidtino needs to catch up.

2. Too few members — There aren’t enough members to make it worthwhile to pay for a membership. In 6 months, after the site has 500,000 member, yes, I’d consider paying. But with just over ten-thousand members, it’s too small of a user population.

3. Mandatory personal metadata — On Cupidtino, you have to provide the date you were born, which means you have to reveal your age. I don’t like to be forced to give out certain information.

4. Functionality — If Cupidtino wants us to pay for membership, their site should be fully operational, not in Beta. I believe members should pay for the functionality presently available, not for the functionality that may be available in the future.

5. Comparing membership fee to Starbucks coffee — I pay for a coffee at Starbucks every day. And Starbucks recognizes my loyalty and treats me like I’m a valued customer. The baristas start my drink the minute I walk in the door. This means I don’t have to wait in line to order and pay, and then wait again while they prepare my coffee. I wait in line once, and I really appreciate this. Cupidtino needs to understand that when we pay $4.79 for coffee, we’re buying more than just the cup of coffee. We’re buying an experience. If they’re going to compare their service with Starbucks, they’d better deliver.

6. Photos — When I see someone who catches my eye, I tend to double click their avatar and get a better look. Cupidtino doesn’t allow photos to be enlarged. šŸ˜¦

Cupidtino is a great idea, but I wish they’d reconsider their membership fee. Others folks seem to be in agreement:


2 responses to “Cupidtino – a new online dating site for Mac users

  1. Already deleted my profile. Good riddance. Agree with everything you said. They jumped the gun on charging for a service that has far too many kinks to work out.

  2. Cupidtino jumped the gun. Probably over confident having had such good press at the time of their launch. It’s an awful feeling to suddenly be charged to read messages. What could be worse? Being charged out right even though no messages were received. They are doing that also.

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