ABQ –> NYC: observations of a 2000 mile journey

  • Much to your surprise, you are the annoying last passenger to arrive at the boarding gate. In two airports, you will hear the flight attendants page you and say this is your last chance to board the plane. You will be a little anxious about this.
  • In Atlanta, you will be called “sweet heart” several times.
  • A flight attendant will openly mock a passenger who requests a cup of mango juice with ice.
  • There will be several babies crying hysterically. The other passengers will say mean things about the baby’s mother. It is Mother’s Day.
  • The in-flight movie is a documentary about nature, and you will have to watch a cheetah chase down, kill, and devour an ostrich.
  • At the airport, there will be numerous drivers holding signs with names. Your name will not be on one of these signs.
  • You will not be allowed to exit the airport until you show an airport official your baggage claim ticket. You wonder if they are strict about this because this is New York City?
  • You will ask the taxi driver a couple questions, and he will tell you to be quiet and get in the cab.
  • Taxi drivers fight a lot. Not with pedestrians, but with one another. They actually scream in one another’s face.
  • A homeless woman will steal your cup and fill it with a fountain drink and then leave the empty cup on the counter.
  • When you go to the counter and ask for another cup, the girl at the counter will say, “She got you, huh? She’s quick.”
  • The humidity will give you nice curls.
  • The hotel will have only 1 elevator to take you up 40 flights.
  • The hotel will not have a single magazine, book, or touristy brochure featuring their city.
  • The hotel’s ethernet cable will be broken.
  • AT&T’s reception will be shaky, despite the fact that you can see their store across the street from your hotel.
  • The app, “AroundMe,” will become your new best friend.
  • A hot shower and a bed with 8 pillows will make everything better.

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