The tale of the Logitech Comfort Lapdesk

If you have a MacBook Pro (or any type of laptop) and a wireless Internet connection in your home, you’ve no doubt come to enjoy relaxing on the sofa and surfing the web. If you have developed, say, a nightly habit of doing this, you know that those MacBooks can quickly heat up and cause your thighs to practically ignite.

I was complaining to a friend that my MacBook was melting my thighs, and he suggested I buy a LogiTech Comfort Lapdesk. My friend said the lapdesk was lightweight, easy to store, and that it would most definitely protect my thighs.

So I bought one. And my friend was right. The lapdesk was comfortable and stylish.

Here’s the silly thing — the first week or so that I used it, I was unknowingly using it upside-down. I was placing the flat surface on my legs, and setting my MacBook on the cushioned part. Why this seemed intuitive to me, I have no idea.

One evening after work, I was settling into the sofa and I noticed that the lapdesk was hairy. Upon further inspection, I saw that the hair was black, which meant it was my cat, Willoughby’s, fur.

It turns out that while I was away, Willoughby spent the entire day sleeping on the cushiony lapdesk. I tried to break him of this habit. At first I moved the lapdesk from the living room to the guest bedroom. But when I got home from work, I discovered that Willoughby followed the lapdesk to its new spot. I kept moving it from room to room, but he moved with it.

My next step was to visit the pet store and purchase an expensive, plush cat bed. I was sure this special bed would distract Willoughby and free up the lapdesk so that I could use it for its original purpose. But my cat had no interest in a fancy cat bed; he preferred the lapdesk.

So now, Willoughby sleeps on a Logitech Comfort Lapdesk, and I use a Purr-fect Wonder Cat Bed as a heat shield for my thighs. 🙂

Life is funny.


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