Obsession, you are an obsession

Ever since I got my iPhone, I’ve developed some of the weirdest, obsessive habits.

I am now, suddenly, documenting every piece of errata and ephemera that passes in front of my eyeballs. Why am I doing this? Heck if I know. Because I can?

By nature, I am an organized person, but the combo of my iPhone (especially its camera and the JotNot app) and my IRS audits, created the perfect storm for me to start capturing every detail… because you just never know when you’ll need it for something.

For example, I received a “read for the cure” flyer in the mail. They wanted me to sign up for some magazine subscriptions, and a portion of the subscription fee would be donated to breast cancer research. Okay, here’s a chance to read magazines (one of my favorite things ever!) for a cause. Whoever came up with this idea is an evil genius. 😉

But before I mailed in my little coupon thingy to which I affixed the stamps of the magazines I wanted, I decided I should record (photograph) it.

Also, when I got my eyes examined and the doctor wrote my eyeglass prescription, I simply *had* to record it (even though the doctor gave me a record copy). It’s like digital records are my new safety blanket.

Did you develop any weird habits after you acquired an iPhone (or another gadget)?


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