Some Easter Sunday confusion (spun into fun)

I’ve become one of those people who only attends church services on Christmas and Easter. And I only attend these services because my family (my mom, mainly) pressures me to do so.

With today being Easter, this meant I had to go to church with my parents and my sister who is visiting from Denver. There was a children’s pageant at church this morning and it was fine, except for that the fact that I was sitting in a seat from which I couldn’t see much of anything. The church was hot and crowded, and with the dimmed lighting, I was feeling quite sleepy. To keep myself awake, (and because any time I step foot in a church, the rebellious teenager in me comes out in full force), I decided to see if I could get AT&T reception inside this sacred place. I grabbed my iPhone out of my bag and fired up Safari. Much to my delight and surprise. I had a fast connection. Suddenly, I loved church. 😉 Hallelujah and Amen!

Since me and my sister only attend church with my parents on holidays, this means all of my parents’ church friends know about us, but they don’t know us well enough to tell us apart. This morning I was the first person from my family to arrive at church. And everyone who saw me thought I was my sister from Denver. They hugged me and said, “Oh, it’s sooooooo good to see you! How long are you staying in New Mexico with your folks? When do you return to Denver?” Because I was tired and slightly irritable, I didn’t have the heart to correct them and let them know I was the daughter who lived in Albuquerque, not the daughter from Denver.

So until my mom, dad and sister arrived, I pretended to be my sister. It was sort of fun. And when my sister arrived, my parents’ friends greeted her by saying, “Oh, it’s so good to see you. You should come to church more often, especially since you live in Albuquerque.” My sister was really confused. But then I pulled her aside and filled her in on what was going on. She thought it was hilarious that I didn’t bother to correct anyone. 🙂


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