Welcome, Botswana!

Have you seen the BBC’s Interactive article on the growth of the Internet across the world since 1998? It’s amazing, and it is one of those articles I keep coming back to. I learn something new each time I visit the site.

When I was exploring the map of the world, I noticed how few people on the continent of Africa are “online.” On my blog, I have a little flag counter that shows the flags of the countries whose citizens have visited my site. When I saw how few African citizens had Internet access, I made a secret wish to myself that someone from Africa would find my blog and make contact.

So, imagine my delight when I checked the flag counter and noticed a lovely, new flag on my blog. It was none other than the country of Botswana! I’m so happy they are here! (And I cannot believe my secret wish came true in less than a week! Awesome!!) đŸ™‚


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