If you’re looking for me, I’ll be in the men’s department

When I shop for certain items, I bypass the women’s section and head straight to the mens’.

Socks: Women’s socks are frilly, decorative, thin and too colorful. Mens’ socks are sturdy and thick, and I like where they sit on my ankle. When I broke up with my boyfriend a few years ago, we had to go through the ritual of returning the items we’d left at each other’s home. I didn’t want to relinquish his socks that were in my sock drawer. I told him so, and he was kind enough to give me 10 pair of mens socks as a break-up gift.

Belts: When it comes to belts, I like a classic leather look. I don’t want flowers on my belt. Nor do I want to wear Hello Kitty around my waist (although I love wearing other Hello Kitty products!). I want my belt to last a long time and not show much wear and tear. Women’s belts are cheap and they tend to fall apart quickly. Mens’ belts, on the other hand, are solid and durable. A nice mahogany-brown belt with a no-frills buckle is an essential part of my wardrobe.

Shaving Cream: Women’s bath products are pink-colored and are usually a gel. I love to shave my legs with Barbasol shaving cream. I think it has to do with the fluffy white texture of the creamy foam. And the smell is nice and clean.

Razors: The makers of women’s razors have spent a ton of money and a lot of time perfecting the girly razor. But you know what? When I use them to shave my legs, I get the worst cuts and scrapes. These little shaving nicks can bleed for hours. But mens’ razors have never given me any trouble. Give me a man’s razor any day.

Wife Beaters (aka sleeveless t-shirt): In summer, I live in shorts, wife beaters and flip flops. Mens’ t-shirts are white and crisp and roomy. Women’s tank tops generally have some kind of  irritating lace or other dainty fabric. When I’m lounging around at home on a hot summer’s day, nothing beats a wife beater. These shirts fit me in all the right places.

Deodorant: This may sound weird, but I love the woodsy, musky, hearty smell of mens’ deodorant. Women’s deodorant is often times nauseatingly sweet-smelling. My olfactory nerves are very sensitive in the mornings, and when I used to apply women’s deodorant, I recall gagging a few times because the scent was too overpowering and flowery. The makers of mens’ deodorant got it right!

Wrist Watches: I find the look of a man’s watch on a woman’s wrist to be very sexy. When I dated a guy who traveled a lot for his job, he would leave his wrist watch for me to wear during his absence. It was very comforting and somewhat romantic. I don’t like those oversized male watches that are about the size of a Pringles can lid, but I am all for a men’s wrist watch that is near a quarter to 1/2 dollar diameter in size.

I’m curious to know if there are any guys out there who prefer the female version of a product over the male version?


3 responses to “If you’re looking for me, I’ll be in the men’s department

  1. I pretty much agree: many women’s products cost more, contain less, and don’t work as well. For example: women’s Degree deodorant costs 2 bucks more, and you get a few ounces less than the male equivalent.

    I do, however, despise the other men’s grooming products. Companies put all of their effort into shaving cream, razors, and deodorant—they forgot about the body wash and shampoo. Axe body-anything smells like a skunk that drowned in a bottle of cheap cologne. Right now I use Renpure Organics Shampoo/Conditioner (…not because it’s “organic” but because it smells nice) and Paul Mitchell hair lotion/gel. Dove body-wash is also nice, because I’d rather smell like cocoa butter than cologned-skunk.

  2. Yes to all of these. I also hate most women’s perfumes. I don’t want to smell like fruit or flowers and smelling like coconut or vanilla would make me want a pina colada midday. I think my boss would frown upon that. I’ll splash on a touch of Mr. Dingo’s cologne.

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