Something’s in the air

I used to live in Washington, D.C. and I’d take the Metro to work most days. My stop was called “Foggy Bottom.” I love this name for so many reasons. Historians say the neighborhood got its moniker because of its close proximity to the Potomac River and all the fog it produces. What I remember most was walking through the George Washington University campus, and frequently getting caught in that neighborhood, on my walk back to the Metro, without an umbrella.

Now I live in the desert. We get about 8 inches of rain per year (compared to the 40 inches DC gets). The city where I live has an elevation of 5280 feet. In other words, I live in a high altitude desert climate. The air here is dry and sparse, and every time I travel out of town and then fly home, I have to suck in massive amounts of air in the airport, on the walk to baggage claim, to readjust my lungs to the altitude.  The skies are generally blue (we get about 300 days of sunshine per year). This makes me happy!

Today, however, I felt like I was back in Foggy Bottom. All day the sky was plump and juicy, as if it would rain buckets any minute, but it never did.

When I went outside around 6:00PM to fetch my mail, I was engulfed by the smells of chimney smoke, my neighbor’s grill, and almost-rain. It was quite pleasant. And then, I noticed these beautiful pink and purple clouds rolling in. My God, they were amazing.! This time of year, as the Earth grows impatient with winter, the most delicate and lovely things can be seen at twilight. This means Spring is on its way.


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