OMG! I Take Way Too Many Photos

It’s true. I take photos of everything. My latest obsession is taking photos of medical and hospital stuff. Why? I have no idea. Maybe I photograph medical stuff to keep calm as I’m about to undergo a medical procedure. Perhaps taking photos is a way to calm my nerves.

Another of my favorite photography subjects is cemeteries. Anywhere I go, I have to stop at the local cemetery and snap some photos. This drives my traveling companions bonkers. But secretly, I think they’ve grown fond of cemeteries too. They just won’t admit it.

My fascination with cemeteries may just be my claim to fame. A company that creates travel guides contacted me and inquired if they can use one of my cemetery photos in their new book. How cool is that? I’m so psyched!

P.S. the little camera I’m holding in this photo was in my Christmas stocking. My Dad gave it to me. It’s about 1.5 inches and incredibly adorable. 🙂


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