Hotel Toiletries = Awesome!

I don’t particularly enjoy spending the night in a hotel room. Admittedly, I’m picky about certain details.

I want a room with a view, but, paradoxically, I don’t want a room that’s too high up. I get panicky when I’m assigned a room higher than the 7th floor. Also, my (semi) irrational fear of germs kicks into overdrive when I stay in a hotel. For example, before I use the hotel TV clicker, I have to wash it. Once, I asked the maid if part of her routine included sanitizing the remote control. She said cleaning it had never crossed her mind. And then there’s the whole bed bug situation.

But, I love staying in hotels for one reason: the toiletries! I have a fondness for beauty products, and I have a small obsession with bottles. So put these two things together, and you see why I get giddy about hotel bathrooms. đŸ™‚


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