The art of the résumé

Is your résumé up-to-date? Mine isn’t.

I’ve been thinking about résumés recently and I wondered how social media and self branding is impacting job seekers and how they design their résumé or CV.

For the most part, I’ve been taught that a résumé should be a summary of my education, work experience, publications, and special recognitions. My résumé should be in a traditional font, with an inch margin on each side, and it is best when printed on single sheet of nice quality, white paper.


The last time I created a résumé Twitter didn’t exist. Neither did Facebook. I didn’t have a Flickr account, and I wasn’t a blogger, either. Oh, and I didn’t use Macs back then. Social media, blogging, and Macs have enabled me to reconnect with my creative side. The idea of creating a dull, traditional résumé turns my smiley face emoticon into a frown. 😦

Take a look at these résumés:

Are some of them over the top? Yes. A few of the designs = pumped up on steroids, with the content remaining terribly anemic. But some of them kick ass!

What would you think if you were an employer and you received a résumé like one of these?


2 responses to “The art of the résumé

  1. i have to make a social media resume for class (and i know it will eventually benefit me) and i was wondering if you could give me some tips on constructing my own? anything would be helpful seeing as how im entirely new to this

  2. I’ve had some good feedback for my CV (résumé). Check out my website =)

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