The sexiest men alive, according to me!

Stephen Colbert He’s funny, ridiculous and asinine (I mean, look at how he’s posing in this photo!). Important people go on his show and he gets them to make complete fools of themselves. Only Stephen can pull this off. When Jane Fonda was a guest on his show, she sat on Stephen’s lap and pretty much french kissed him. Stephen rolled with it. This could have been horribly awkward, but Stephen made Jane’s surprise attack work.

Anderson Cooper Humanitarian; Grounded; Concerned for the underdog; Great hair.

Christopher Eccleston He’s the lead actor in one of my favorite films, “Jude.” Christopher’s tall and lanky. This makes me want to cook soup for him. He has these gentle, watery eyes that sort of break my heart. And I love Christopher’s enormous ears!

Rafael Nadal His physical beauty is undeniable. But I like him because he is sweet and tender hearted. After defeating Roger Federer in the 2009 Australian Open, Nadal was gracious and humble as Federer sort of hogged the stage and cried, saying that losing hurt so much.

Joaquin Phoenix Those eyes! The intensity! He may be partially crazy, but this makes me like him even more. (I’m so glad he got rid of the beard) šŸ˜‰

Byron Pitts With so many news casters trying their best to outtalk one another, Byron is unique because he reports the news in a quiet, understated manner. Nothing seems to rattle him. And I can’t quite tell where he stands on the issues, which I like. It means he’s reporting the news, not editorializing it.

Robert Reich Robert may be short (he is is 4 feet 10 inches tall), but he’s mighty. This is the man who implementedĀ Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). In his tenure as U.S. Secretary of Labor, he worked to increase the minimum wage, he passed the School-to-Work Jobs Act, and launched a number of job training programs. Additionally, Mr. Reich continuously worked to improve the lives of those living in poverty. I love to watch him as a round table guest on the Sunday morning news programs. I appreciate his insight.


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