When I’ve had a crap day…

What music do you listen to when you’ve had a rotten day? My go-to musician is Aimee Mann. She’s sharp, observant, and poetic in a melancholy way.

I tend to listen to Aimee when I’m by myself, sulking. The song I had on repeat today was “I Can’t Help You Anymore.”

Sample lyrics:

I’ll get a pen and make a list
And give you my analysis.
But I can’t write this story
With a happy ending.
Was I the bullet or the gun?
Or just a target drawn upon?
A wall that you decided
Wasn’t worth defending?
I can’t help you anymore.

Not exactly the perkiest lyrics, I know. But life isn’t always pom-poms and smiles. In order to get on with it, sometimes you need to surrender to the bad mood and get it out of your system.

Tomorrow is a new day. It’s a chance to start over and select another song.


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