Osama bin Laden’s phone number

Over the weekend, I watched a documentary called “The Spy Factory.” Great title, no?

The documentary provided an inside glimpse of the National Security Agency (NSA), how they gather intelligence, and what kinds of intelligence they’re interested in.

A big question the documentary tackled is how much intel the NSA, CIA, and FBI had on the terrorists who carried out the 9/11 attacks.

I was sort of stunned by two things: 1) One of the government agencies had Osama bin Laden’s phone number. 2) The terrorists listed themselves in the local White Pages.

It was an intriguing documentary. If you’re into this type of thing, I recommend it!


3 responses to “Osama bin Laden’s phone number

  1. Sounds like conspiracy theory fuel to me. Would a terrorist really list their phone number in the White Pages? Or perhaps a government staging a catastrophic event would plant it there…

    I’m not saying there’s anything in these conspiracy theories, but quite frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me if Bush’s administration plotted it all to have the people eating out of his lap. Or even learned of the attack, and decided to use it to their own ends, rather than prevent it out-right.

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