iPhone cases and what works for me

I love my new iPhone. But something doesn’t feel quite right. I don’t like holding my phone in my hand, putting in my back pocket, or dropping it into my bag. What I’ve been yearning for is a little hole in the iPhone that I could string a lanyard through. This would allow me to keep my phone wrapped around my wrist, thus freeing up my hands. Or, I could buy a longer lanyard and wear my iPhone around my neck (tucked in to my shirt). Don’t worry, my goal is not to turn my iPhone into bling. That would be tacky. 😉

I hate digging through my bag when I hear my phone ring. More often than not, I can’t locate and answer the call in time and the caller has to leave a voicemail.  Have I mentioned how much I dislike voicemail?

In the few weeks I’ve had my iPhone, while out running errands, I’ve accidentally left the gadget in the vegetable aisle of the super market; the counter of the post office, and in my mom’s car. Clearly, I need to keep my iPhone on my person.

The only great thing about my crappy old cell phone is that it had a hole for a lanyard. While driving, I hung my phone on the turn signal lever in my VW. It was a very cozy arrangement. I miss this feeling.

So, I did some research to see how other lanyard-lovers were dealing with the lack of a hole in the iPhone. A couple brave folks actually disassembled their phones and drilled a hole into the device. I’m not that ballsy. But finally, I ran across a great solution: Enter the VOi! Lorem case for iPhone 3GS. Isn’t it a looker? And notice the hole and lanyard? Sleek, no?

I ordered one and I can’t wait to start using this lovely and handy case!


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