Weird habits

  1. When I fly, as I’m about to take my first step into the airplane, I always tap the plane’s exterior twice with my left index finger.
  2. At the movie theater, I must have an aisle seat. I cannot sit in the middle. Sitting in the middle makes me feel trapped. An aisle seat, on the other hand, enables me to bolt out of the theater unencumbered. Note: To date, I’ve never bolted out of a theater.
  3. Any time I’ve lived with someone, I requested that they not speak to me in the morning until I’m eating breakfast. A lot of my best ideas and problem-solving breakthroughs come to me in the shower and I need that time to focus.
  4. When I use a public restroom, if it’s a place that has numerous stalls, I use the stall that is next-to-last. I can’t explain this.
  5. Everywhere I go, I carry a small pair of nail clippers and a tube of lip moisturizer. I live in the desert, and two of my biggest fears are hangnails and chapped lips.
  6. If I host a dinner party, I feel the need to immediately clear the table of all dishes as soon as the meal is over. To let the dishes sit there on the table for hours gives me anxiety. My dinner guests know this about me, and it drives them crazy. They say to me: “It’s not like the dishes are going to rot if you let them sit there for five minutes.” Blah, blah, blah.
  7. I always carry an ink pen with me where ever I go. When I’m at the bank or at the doctor’s office or at the grocery store, I use my own writing utensil to sign receipts and other paperwork.
  8. When using IM at the office, I set my status to “Away” or “Appear Offline.” I do this to avoid the folks who enjoy spending copious amounts of time gossiping via instant messaging. BTW, I tell my boss, team lead, and closest colleagues about my IM status. They know they can reach me.
  9. After I interview for a job I really want, I never send a “thank you” note. I think the thank you note jinxes the process.
  10. If I sit in a chair that swivels, I swivel. I can swivel for hours.
  11. I cannot touch denim material if my hands are or were recently wet. The feeling of wet hands and denim grosses me out.

Here’s 11 of mine. What are some of yours?


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