Almost like crossing the border

Mom emailed me and said there’s a new store in town called Pro’s Ranch Market. I took a look at their web site, but didn’t feel particularly inspired. But my mom kept begging me to go, so I caved in and went.

I’m so glad my mom was persistent! Pro’s Ranch Market was a blast! I love Mexico; I spent a semester studying in the State of Vera Cruz, and I had a wonderful time. When ever I have a hankering to visit Mexico, I normally drive a few hours to El Paso, Texas and cross the border at Ciudad Juarez. Or, if I’m not feeling like conquering the big city and prefer a small town version of Mexico, I will drive to Columbus, New Mexico and cross the border into Palomas.

Recently, however, there has been some serious violence happening in the border towns. The violence is believed to be related to drug cartels in the area. An astonishing number of murders have been reported. And the murders are especially violent — bodies are mutilated, gutted, beheaded, and so on. I simply feel unsafe venturing south of the border.

Enter Pro’s Ranch Market. My mom and I were enchanted by the place. It’s a giant store that is broken down into different departments and each department has an authentic look and feel. The store has the following departments:

  • Panaderías (bakery)
  • Aguas frescas (fresh fruit drinks)
  • Cocinas (restaurants)
  • Tortillaria (store that makes tortillas)
  • Tienda de dulces (candy store)
  • Carneceria (meat shop)
  • Tienda de queso (cheese shop)
  • Eyebrow threading station (don’t know how to say that in Spanish)

The majority of the staff do not speak English, so it’s a great opportunity to practice Spanish and friendly hand gestures. The staff go out of their way to make you feel at home. In the bakery area, I spotted one of my weaknesses: Flan! But I didn’t want to buy an entire Flan, so I asked the baker (in Spanish) if I could buy a slice of flan, and she served one up for me. It was muy delicioso. 🙂

The Market is colorful, lively, loud and packed with shoppers. The store transported me back to Mexico immediately — the sights, smells, colors, and the vibrancy.

If you get a chance, go check out Pro’s Ranch Market!


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