JotNot: my new, favorite iPhone app

I was audited by the IRS in 2009. Audits and the IRS mean one thing: records. As I was gathering and organizing all of the documents the IRS requested, one thing kept running through my head: it would be extremely handy to have a document scanner. The IRS asks you to bring two copies of all documentation; your original copy, and a copy for the IRS to retain.

As I was preparing the audit paperwork, I made mental notes about how I could improve my record-keeping in the future. Many of my receipts were so old that it was impossible to make out the amount paid, transaction date, and payee. It occurred to me repeatedly how nifty it would be to have a document scanner. When I pay for something, I could scan the receipt, thus creating legible records in perpetuity.

On my Christmas wish list was a scanner, but Santa didn’t deliver. So I proceeded to research scanners to discern which model would be affordable, durable, and compatible with my Macs. At the same time, I purchased my first iPhone. And guess what? There’s an app that works as a document and photo scanner. It’s called “JotNot.” For $4.99, I got myself a scanner. What a bargain!

I don’t really want to think about my taxes right now; I want to have fun with my iPhone. To that end, I used JotNot to scan some old family photos. Here’s one of me and my sister on Easter Sunday circa 1979. My mom made us wear these matching dresses and horrible white knee socks. And I was not happy about it. Note the grumpy look on my face (I’m the one on the right). 😉

p.s. Parents, don’t dress your kids in matching outfits. It’s just wrong.


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