Mr. Curtis Allina passed away on December 15, 2009. Mr. Allina was the man who turned a fancy Austrian confection manufactured primarily for adults, into the fun and exciting Pez Candy.

God, I love Pez dispensers. I have the gene that turns normal people into crazy collecting maniacs. But I’ve managed to keep my Pez collection to a reasonable size. A few of my favorites are: Tweety Bird; Hello Kitty; Wonder Woman; Elvis; R2D2; and Kermit the frog.

Pez could help bring about world peace. I’m not joking. Imagine President Obama having a discussion with President Ahmadinejad. Things would probably be tense in the beginning, and it may seem like negotiations are going no where. And them bam! President Obama hands Ahmadinejad a Snoopy Pez dispenser and they both eat one of the little, brick-shaped candies. There’s no way Ahmadinejad could resist the charm of Pez.

Maybe I should email Hillary and tell her that as she travels the world as Secretary of State, she should always carry Pez with her on her trips. When things got tense on her recent tour of Africa, she could have busted out Pez dispensers and things would have calmed down, I’m sure of it!

What’s your favorite Pez?


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