It’s all about the hair

Today I had my hair cut and colored. This happens about every 5-6 weeks. I used to have one girl cut it, and another girl (at another salon) color it. But when I found out that the girl who cuts my hair happens to be one of the best colorists, I decided to give all my business to her.

Her name is Katie and she works at the ABQ Hair Studio. Katie and I have so much fun during my appointments. We have the same sense of humor and it’s not uncommon for us to laugh so hard that she has to put the scissors down while we bust a gut.

Katie is great because she gets me. She understands that I have hair anxiety (due to my mom giving me perms when I was a kid that resulted in numerous Afros, and to bad hair coloring experiences where I requested a buttery platinum, but ended up with mustard-colored hair) and she reassures me without it feeling like a therapy session. She’s sharp, witty, awesome and talented!

At the end of the appointment, after I’ve been sitting in a chair for 2+ hours, when Katie is done styling my hair, she doesn’t reach for the hairspray. Instead, she says, “Okay, girlie, shake that sexy head.” And that’s what I do; I shake my hair and let it settle where it may.


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