Customer (dis)satisfaction

Recently, I leased a new car. Every four years, I lease a new VW. I prefer to lease the cars because with the lease, my vehicle is always under warranty. This gives me peace of mind.

When I was at the local VW dealership, the salesman was nice and easy-going. But one thing bugged me. At the end of the transaction, he said something like, “When VW calls to get your feedback on my sales techniques and your overall experience with our dealership, you need to give me high marks, okay?” As soon as the words came out his mouth, I was turned off.

In yesterday’s mail, I received a 20 page questionnaire from Maritz. Their form looked more like a college entrance exam than a survey requesting customer feedback.  I know that 2009 was a tough year for automakers. And I understand that car companies with high customer satisfaction go out of business less than those with low customer satisfaction. This isn’t rocket science; it’s common sense.

I’m bothered, though, that my car salesman told me how to score his “performance.” It was tacky of him. And then the questionnaire I received from VW via Maritz was way too intrusive. They asked me questions that did not pertain to cars. In fact, some of the things they inquired about are things I discuss with my physician, or with the IRS. It was too much.

Have you had a similar experience?


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