Help! I just discovered Netflix

After nearly a year of my sister telling me how awesome it is, I finally signed up for a Netflix account.

Being a librarian, I’m exceedingly fascinated with the way web sites categorize and organize their content.  So naturally, the first thing that grabs my eye is the quiz Netflix presents me with to scope out which film genres are most appealing to me. Turns out, I’m a sucker for:

  1. Understated Dramas
  2. Dark Foreign Movies
  3. Critically-acclaimed Quirky Movies
  4. Educational Documentaries

Thanks, Netflix, for helping me understand my taste in movies.

The next thing I did was search the hell out of their database. I was sort of annoyed that they lumped Movies, TV shows, Actors, Directors, and Genres into one search rather than letting the end-user choose a particular index to search within. But who knows, maybe I’ll grow to love the lump-it-all-together search engine.

After I experimented with and learned about the categorization of Netflix, I proceeded to jump to the section of their web site that outlines the types of monthly plans that are available. Two words caught my attention: “Instantly watch.” Could this be real? Could I actually download good movies directly onto one of my Macs and sit in my pajamas and watch a movie without having to drive to an annoying video rental store? Turns out, yes, this is one of bonuses of being a Netflix member.

Here’s the embarrassing thing. Today is a Saturday. And for the majority of the day, I was watching Netflix movies. You’d think I had been living in a cave in Afghanistan for the past 5 years, deprived of all multi-media. I proceeded to watch:

  • A film about a Mennonite farmer who is torn between his Mennonite wife and his Mennonite mistress.
  • A French film about a woman who seeks out marital counseling only to confuse her would-be analyst with a tax attorney, with whom she unknowingly (I think) proceeds to disclose the details of her failing marriage.
  • A movie I’d briefly read about, starring Jennifer Aniston as an anti-social woman who stays at a hotel on business travel and lets the hotel owner’s son caress her butt.
  • A documentary concerning the history of the font, Helvetica.

That’s, like, 8 hours of movies, back-to-back. Good God, what have I gotten myself into?


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