Hey, douche bag, do you know what you’re saying?

Everywhere I go, I hear people use the phrase ‘douch bag.’ It can be used as a noun (He’s such a douche bag), or as an adjective (That was such a douchey move he made). Generally, it’s guys who use the phrase, and it’s always meant as an insult.

What I’m wondering is if guys realize what an actual douche bag is. The Urban Dictionary defines ‘douche bag’ as “Having characteristics of or pertaining to a douche.” Not too helpful.

A douche is a feminine hygiene product used by some women to clean their nether regions. The actual bag part of the douche is a container that holds the cleaning product, generally a mixture of warm water and a bit of vinegar.

So, guys, please realize that when you call someone a douche bag, you’re basically saying that they are a bag of warm water. If you want to insult your friends, you can do much better (or worse) than douche bag.


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