Getting to know you

My little sister is getting married. This is very exciting. She told us that she and her fiance were coming home for Christmas so we could meet him and get acquainted. Christmas is already hard enough if you have a dysfunctional family. A new man = massive family drama.

But the cool thing is that the fiance is really nice and funny. And somehow (I don’t understand how he does this) he manages to fit in and make everyone laugh. One of my favorite things about him is his candid insight into how awkward this could be, but isn’t.

I mistakenly thought this was my family’s opportunity to inspect him. It didn’t dawn on me that it was his chance to inspect us, too. He is a people watcher who sometimes forgets to filter things before they pop out his mouth. For example, upon meeting my middle sister, he blurted out that she had blond peach fuzz on her face. Little did he know that the facial hair issue is one of my sister’s biggest insecurities. So, while he was pointing out something he perceived as sweet and cute and Scandinavian, my sister was imploding. Just by looking at her in my peripheral view, I could tell she wanted to kick his ass. And it didn’t help that she asked him not to talk about the facial hair, but he mentioned it again the next morning. OMG! There was nearly a meltdown.

So now we have to realize that our family is being challenged in a new and great way. We have to let our guard down, stop being so sensitive, and learn how to communicate with the fiance. He’s like a whole other country we’ve never traveled to, but which we suddenly arrived at, in the middle of the night.

Thankfully, we adapt pretty well. I hope the fiance will too.


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