A bit about homeopathics

I adopted a cat from the Humane Society and he had a lot of nervous ticks. I can’t say that I blame him. From what I was able to read from his bio, he had had a rough life. But now that he was mine, I hoped to give him a good life. I named him Willoughby.

Willoughby had an enormous bald area on his belly. And I assumed it was because he had undergone surgery prior to being adopted. But the weird thing is his hair never grew back. And I noticed him constantly licking the area. I took him to the Vet and explained the problem. Turns out, the bald patch wasn’t because of being shaved prior to surgery. Willoughby had anxiety that he channeled into obsessive licking. He was literally licking himself raw. Poor thing.

The vet recommended steroids as a cure, but this made me uncomfortable. So I asked the vet if I could put Willoughby on a homeopathic remedy. She admitted to having zero experience with this type of treatment, but she told me to try it out.

The next week I visited the Vitamin Cottage, where I buy homeopathic remedies for myself (for PMS, headaches, congestion, etc.) After an extensive consultation with the Vitamin Cottage staff (who are incredibly helpful!), I bought a little vial of pills for Willoughby.

I gave him one pill every day. He was sneaky and pretended to swallow it, but then I’d find the remnants of the pills throughout the house. So I changed my technique and buried the pill in a bit of Petromalt, which Willoughby eagerly licked off my finger.

The result, after a month of taking the pill, is that Willoughby’s hair grew back. It was amazing! I took him to the vet for a return visit, and the vet was shocked and pleased.

So, before you’re quick to assume that prescription drugs are your only option, I’d encourage you to visit your local vitamin store and consult with the staff about homeopathic remedies. I’m a believer. So is Willoughby. =^..^=


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