Quirky but adored

Today it was announced that the Swedish car, Saab, is going out of business. When I heard the news, my heart broke a little bit. I have always loved the Saab… something to do with its odd but appealing shape. Volvos are a a favorite of mine, too, but the Saab is in a league of its own.

A number of my best memories involve a Saab. There was the trip to New England where I spotted a SAAB sitting in the driveway of a home near a covered bridge in Vermont. It was autumn and raining and the Saab was covered with dewey, red and yellow Oak and Maple leaves. I was so struck by the beauty of this image that I took several dozen photos of it, which caused my traveling companions to become quite irritated with me.

And then there was the car-hunting expedition I had with a friend for whom I felt the most intense love for, but, sadly, he did not reciprocate the feelings. When he said he wasn’t interested me in that way,  we tried to be friends. He needed a car and had a meager budget. We went to Woodbridge, VA together and both fell in love with a used Saab. After some intense negotiations with the sales man, my friend was the proud owner of the blue Saab. He couldn’t take his hands off it and I remember feeling jealous. Of a car. He cleaned it and polished it with the hands of a man who loves to feel his lover’s skin. My friend said he felt like he was making love to his Saab when he cleaned it. I’m still jealous of that car.


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